Man Ditches Date With Pricey Restaurant Bill After Finding Out She’s Only Dating Him For “Free Stuff”

There are some dark corners of Reddit and one of them is r/ProRevenge, where people share stories of how they’ve gotten revenge against people they thought deserved it. Since that’s very much in the eye of the beholder, sometimes the stories are a bit shocking. This one from Redditor u/redberryberry is being widely celebrated by the Pro Revenge community, however, probably because it strikes back against what many in the comments called a “gold digger.”

The OP writes that he met a girl at a lifeguard certification course, who he really liked and thought he was hitting it off with. They started casually dating but he says they “weren’t hanging out at my place or her place even though I’d hinted at the idea.”

The implication being that it never got that physical? Or maybe just that they went on lots of dates, which he paid for. Anyway, eventually, he got sent a screenshot from a mutual friend from the lifeguard course in which the girl wrote that she and he weren’t really going out, but “as long as he keeps paying for everything I’ll let him take me out more, *laughing emoji*,  girls gotta eat.”

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After seeing these texts, the OP cooked up a plan:

I asked her to go on a nice date with me to a hibachi grill restaurant. $20-$40 dollar plates and premium desserts are served here. I got the most expensive thing they had and so did she. We both got fancy ice cream and multiple refills on drinks. I complimented her a lot and smiled consistently, before getting up to go to the bathroom and leaving. (I was also her ride).

About 45 minutes after I get furious texts from her saying that she had to have her mom come down and pay for it because she didn’t have the money on her and that we were done. I know it’s not a lot and it sucks because I thought she was actually into me but it felt pretty nice leaving her that way

Most people in the comments loved this, thinking it gave the girl a taste of her own medicine. But did it? If you know someone is playing you, the most adult thing to do would be to have a conversation about it or break up with them.

Buying a few dinners for someone who is not into you is embarrassing, but it happens pretty frequently that one person isn’t into another. Cut it off if you’re not getting what you want, my dude! 

But the OP clarified a few things in a comment, saying she wasn’t broke as far as he could tell:

If she had told me that she was in a bad financial situation or that she was just unable to pay obviously I would understand. But she would often wear pricey clothing and had 2 Chanel bags (just from what I saw while we went to dinners).

He also says that she seemed disengaged throughout their dates and never wanted to do anything with him that cost nothing:

She was often not engaged during the actual dates but over text she would be very sweet and attentive before asking if we could go out. She never showed any interest beyond that like coming over or doing something that doesn’t cost money. I asked her if we could take a walk through a park or something similar and she said she couldn’t because she was busy, but anytime it was somewhere that costed money or involved me buying her something she would be eager.

Seems like a sign, no? He says he should have picked up on it sooner and seems to have some qualms about what he did…but then calls her a b*tch:

Honestly I should’ve just picked up on these signs but I liked this girl a lot. She was absolutely gorgeous and honestly I couldn’t even think that she would be manipulative at all. I did even ask to split the bill one time because paying used all the cash I had in my wallet, but she said she forgot hers and apologized. Then after the mutual friend sent the screenshot everything came together.

Yes obviously what I did was not morally good and I should’ve just been direct with her or broken it off, but I acted in a moment of spite and hurt. This post wasn’t about doing the right thing or learning anything, I was just getting back at a b*tch who was playing me.

Okay, dude. This is something that other folks have apparently done, though, so I guess it’s considered an okay response to conflict.

Here’s other people had to say about it:

User billbixbyakahulk shared his own tale:

I did something like this. I was casually dating a woman and paying for everything. I was fine with it as our first couple dates were pretty inexpensive – maybe $50 total for drinks/dinner, but on our 3rd date she suggested double-dating with a friend and her boyfriend. Okay, no problem.

She picked a stupid expensive restaurant – a high end Brazilian steak house, and immediately I got the spidey sense that she told her girlfriend “don’t worry, he pays for everything”. Went to the ATM and took out $100 and met up with everyone at the restaurant.

I say, “I’m not too hungry, so I’m not going to get the full service, just something basic. I got a caesar salad and two drinks. Each drink was $15 and the salad was $18.

Meanwhile, they went full bore: drinks, meal and dessert.

Bill comes and I motion to the waiter to give it to me. Total bill is around $450. I say aloud, “Okay, two drinks and a salad so mine is $48. Let me help with the tip. I throw down $80, then push the bill across to them.

The look was f—king priceless.

Well, say what you feel you must, but honestly, I think maybe she was right not to want to seriously date this guy.

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