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Little Brother Slips Sweet Motivational Notes To Sister Crying In The Bathroom

We all need someone in our lives who supports us unconditionally. Someone who is always there for us no matter what’s going on, or even if they can’t quite understand what’s going on. For some people, that person might be a family member, perhaps a sibling.

And when it’s a younger sibling who’s still just a kid, that unconditional support can take a particularly precious and innocent form, as they try their best to make you feel loved in whatever small ways they know.

Twitter user AnnieDaGrannie shared her experience with just this last week, in a short saga that reminds our younger siblings truly can be our best friends sometimes.

via Twitter

“So I locked myself in the bathroom bawling my eyes out… and next thing I know my 10 year old brother slides these notes under the door… I don’t deserve him,” she tweeted.

“Ani it’s ok when she will come she will [realize] that she [made] you sad and she will apologize,” lil bro wrote to the best of his abilities, “everything is going to be ok.”

He also asked her to come out of the bathroom so that the two siblings could do something fun together and he could cheer her up.


Annie eventually went back to her room, but her brother wasn’t done trying to make sure his big sister felt better.

“I finally got out [of] the bathroom and went into my room and then he knocks on my door… and… WHY IS HE SO GOOD TO ME?”

This time, he left a shorter note wishing her a happy early Christmas, alongside a pen, four quarters, and what looks to be a single sock.


The internet was almost as pleased by this sweet little brother’s notes as Annie herself seemed to be.

It seems like Annie’s real Christmas gift here is having the sweetest little brother around. Cherish him indeed…because soon he’ll be a teenager.

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