Larry David’s Daughter Cazzie David Sparks Debate About Rich Artists With “Cringey” Essay

It’s easy to understand why a publishing company might think that a book of essays from 26-year-old Cazzie David would be a slam dunk. She’s the daughter of wildly popular comedian Larry David. She also used to date Pete Davidson, right before he dumped her and started dating Ariana Grande. This connection to an extremely publicized romance with a much more famous person would likely attract readers, and she has a lot of influencer friends to help promote her book.

Honestly, it might have worked if they’d just picked a better essay to promote the material with. On Tuesday, an essay from her book No One Asked For This was published on the popular blog The Cut. It was called “Too Full to F***” and mainly focused on how David couldn’t fit a penis inside her when she ate too much. It didn’t go over well:

It starts:

For straight couples, there is one key difference be­tween sex for the male and for the female: a woman gets a penis inserted into her while a man gets to insert his penis into someone else. That’s all nice and good. Sex is pleasurable for both genders. But from what I’ve discovered, only one gender has to save room in her body if a penis is to go into it — mean­ing that sometimes, if you’ve eaten a hearty meal, there isn’t enough room for a penis.

And then it continues. There might be people out there who find this scintillating, but for a lot of Twitter users (some of whom are struggling writers), the essay brought up a lot of resentment about how young, rich people are constantly getting catapulted to success milestones they don’t deserve—like publishing a book.

And there were a lot of complaints about how dated this very young woman’s perspective is on gender, sexuality, body image, and heterosexual relationships:

It’s probably hard to be Cazzie David and see yourself get roasted so mercilessly online, but based on some of her writing, she might be shielded from a lot.

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