Stars: They’re Just Like Us—Except They Can Get Coronavirus Tests

It’s become pretty obvious over the last couple weeks that celebrities get treated differently when it comes to coronavirus testing than us “regular people.” Tests have been in short supply and high demand in the United States ever since the first confirmed case, with even doctors expressing frustration that they can’t get approval to test patients that are showing all the symptoms.

Testing not only helps determine where the virus is spreading and alert others who may have come in contact with an infected person that they, too, should be tested and potentially quarantined, but it also allows doctors to treat their patients properly. Without testing, everyone’s more or less just flailing around in the dark.

While EVERYONE who thinks they may have been infected should be able to be tested, the reality is that criteria for most folks to be tested up until this point has been very specific, often requiring specific, extreme symptoms, a history of travel, pre-existing conditions, contact with a confirmed infected person, and sometimes even age.

But celebrities seem to be getting tested if there’s even an inkling of possibility that they’ve been infected, often meeting only one of the above criteria.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were among the first celebrities confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Idris Elba is also among those who have tested positive, but don’t seem to be presenting any symptoms.

While we were certainly relieved that they seem fine, as other folks shared their own experiences with getting tested, the inequalities became more and more apparent.

Meanwhile, entire basketball teams have been tested regardless of whether they’re showing symptoms or not.

And celebrities who are just feeling a little under the weather don’t seem to have too much trouble getting tested either.


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But the rest of us are just being left in the dark.

Glad to see our priorities as a society haven’t shifted even in the face of a global health crisis — the rich and the famous get access to everything at the drop of a hat while the rest of us just hope for whatever crumbs are leftover. This disease may not discriminate, but people sure do.

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