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Elon Musk Announced The Birth Of His Son In Very Elon Musk-y Fashion (17 Tweets)

Grimes announced her pregnancy earlier this year and the baby is the result of a relationship with permanently stoned billionaire Elon Musk. The announcement was dramatic and instantly deleted from Instagram because it showed a little nip. She reuploaded everything to Twitter, for our convenience:

Musk really kicked off Meltdown May with a surge of hot lava crazy on Twitter, but maybe it was just impending fatherhood. On Tuesday, he shared a picture of his newborn and allowed his followers to drag details out of him.

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For example, the baby is a boy. It also has a name I can’t pronounce—X Æ A-12 Musk— but which looks like an anime character.

He’s also already having fun with filters, turning little Jumble of Symbols into a tiny Post Malone:

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Some people are trying to unravel the mystery of the baby’s name, but it’s honestly only making me more confused:

We all better learn it though, since he’ll be the overlord war king of Mars someday. The rest of the Internet who are not in Elon’s mentions is still mentioning him. There have been some pretty funny reactions to the birth of the one foretold.

This is Elon’s sixth child, according to Insider, though his first with Grimes. They’re all boys. Quite a little army of technocrats he’s growing.

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