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Don’t Overthink It: Mike Wazowski As Harry Styles, A Fashion Twitter Thread

Harry Styles fans are a creative and dedicated bunch, there’s no denying it. And they also really, really love cute things (case in point: Harry Styles). So it stands to reason that Harry stans would engage in the trend comparing celebrity styles (heh) to cute animals/cartoons/what have you.

But the latest comparison thread foregoes the tradition of finding existing creatures to compare to the celebrity in question, and instead just awkwardly grafts Harry’s clothes around a cartoon head of Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. (well, Mike with Sully’s face…don’t overthink it). And honestly, it’s kind of phenomenal.

Harry loves fashion, so he has lots of iconic outfits to choose from for this challenge.

Some of them maybe aren’t the most flattering for Mike, but it’s okay because let’s admit it, we’re mostly just looking at the photos of Harry anyway.


Naturally, Harry fans were all about this kooky match up.

Perhaps the best thing about just Photoshopping the images instead of finding existing ones is that this could literally keep going forever.

Actually, on second thought, that seems like a great place to stop.

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