Mariah Carey Throws Shade On Ornament That’s Supposed To Look Like Her But Really Doesn’t

It really is the thought that counts—or at least that’s what Mariah Carey says about an ornament that claims to bear her likeness. The funny exchange between editor Kyle Blaine and Carey illustrates the joy of a so-bad-it’s-good ornament and a diva’s response to looking, well, like this ornament thinks she looks. 

The ornament shows Mariah Carey with blonde, glittered hair wearing a Santa hat and Santa dress with what looks like a fuzzy neckline and cuffs.

At the bottom reads, “All I want for Christmas is you,” which is a quote from her classic holiday song. 


“This is…Not approved,” Carey retweeted the Blaine tweet with this scathing message along with a stern-looking emoji. But, because she is a professional, Carey added that indeed, it is the thought that counts. 

Carey’s response sent people on social media screaming with glee and also sharing Mariah Carey-themed holiday items. 

At the end of the day, perhaps Kyle Blaine’s best Christmas gift was getting shaded by Mariah Carey. 

“Lots of mixed emotions to get so many private messages congratulating me on getting completely and utterly wrecked by MC,” he tweeted. 

May this ornament reign on his tree for many Christmases to come! 

Lead image: Twitter

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