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People Are Sharing Stories On TikTok About Mistaking Folks For Celebs While Hammered

TikTok is good for many things, but one of my favorite things as a viewer is people revealing their most embarrassing moments for my amusement. They seem happy to do it so I don’t have to feel guilty about laughing. It’s perfect, and this newest trend is perhaps the culmination of all the trends in which people expose themselves.

In the trend, people share a story about a moment where they mistook a regular person for a celebrity because they were absolutely off-their-face hammered.

Sometimes there’s just photo evidence, sometimes they have videos of the person looking at them in bafflement, and the best videos are probably the ones where you can hear the drunken TikToker excitedly insisting they’ve met a celebrity next to a completely sober and confused person.

To be fair, I do think that the Cardi B mistake was actually a Cardi B impersonator because she is super into it and knew a bunch of Cardi B catchphrases. The funniest ones are when the person is so clearly NOT the celebrity you wonder how the drunk TikTok person made it through the night. But they’re all hilarious:

1. Ed Sheeran


Can’t tell me this kid doesn’t look like Ed Sheeran #nightout #edsheeran #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Chaotic Life audio – ☘️ Chris Carter ☘️

2. Brad Pitt


Told him my name was Angelina 😌 #fyp #foryou #MyCostume #foryoupage #bradpitt #newyork #celebrity #exprESSIEyourself #nyc #celebrityface #manhattan

♬ Chaotic Life audio – Chris Carter

4. Post Malone


thought I met @postmalone #postmalone #drunk #foryou #fypage #friends

♬ Wow. – Post Malone

5. Lewis Capaldi


Throwback to the time I got steaming and thought I met lewis capaldi #lewiscapaldi #fyp #BeatsDaisyChallenge #british

♬ original sound – Dolan Adams

6. David Dobrik

7. David Dobrik AGAIN

8. Lil Wayne


really thought i met lil wayne #4thOfJuly #HamilFilm #lilwayne #vegas #SUBstepchallenge #fyp #fypchallenge

♬ Chaotic Life audio – ☘️ Chris Carter ☘️

9. Timothee Chalamet


tbt to when i was so drunk i thought i met timothee chalamet #fyp #foryou #timotheechalamet

♬ Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens

10. Cardi B


I was so drunk that I was actually thinking I met Cardi B till I wake up and rewatch the video 😭#foryou #cardib #foryoupage #itsyou #youthought

♬ original sound – Bruno Underwood

11. Matthew McConaughey


looked back on a vid from when i was drunk & thought i met matthew mcConahay in town 😐 bruh KSKSKSKDKJDJDJD

♬ original sound – yasmin 🤍

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