Oops, Looks Like A Water Bottle Accidentally Showed Up In The “Game Of Thrones” Finale

***Warning, this post contains some mild-ish spoilers***

Well, team. Our watch has ended

It’s been quite a journey through Season 8, from Arya fucking Gendry to Dany fucking King’s Landing

But not every exciting Game of Thrones moment has been scripted.

Who can forget the now infamous coffee cup that made its way into Season 8, Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks?”

Last night’s finale had a blooper of its own though — a stray water bottle.

Did you spot it? Hint: It’s right here.

*Computer, enhance.*

Now even though this was a fairly well-hidden and admittedly human mistake, Twitter is obviously not just going to let the petty failures of a complete stranger who’s just trying to do his job go unpunished.

Twitter’s reactions:








You may remember HBO went in and removed the coffee cup from Episode 4. One can only assume they’ll do that again, but let’s be honest, they should probably just let it go the way they let the entire Season 8 plotline go. 

h/t buzzfeed