15 Times People Got Royally Screwed By Designers

Designers are human just like the rest of us, which means they’re not immune from the occasional mistake here or there. However, there are some design flaws that make us seriously wonder how things could’ve gone so obviously wrong.

Here are a few examples of those astonishingly awful design fails that are so bad you’ll laugh till you cry.

1. This deceiving panda wrapper.

2. A horribly uneven sandwich.

3. This pen that looks like three pens, but is a dirty liar.

4. A sad excuse for a pepperoni pizza.

5. This horribly cruel joke.

6. Two halves of what looked like a whole wrap.

7. A measly portion of chocolate.

8. Again, measly portions of chocolate!

9. And what is this BS?

10. Some extremely perplexing tp math.

11. A disguised tube of super glue.

12. This monstrosity.

13. An outright lie.

14. This naked sticker roll.

15. And these deceptive candies.