candy corn pizza

Someone Made This Candy Corn Pizza And Now Twitter Is Weighing In On It

Happy Halloween, Ghouls and Gals. It’s the most terrifying time of the year. Every bed has a monster under it, vampires are popping out of the closet, every shadow is hiding a cursed mummy. But the spookiest, most horrifying nightmare of all is definitely this candy corn pizza that has gone viral on Twitter.

candy corn pizza

Posted by user @TheRealAsswolf, the candy corn pizza it’s comprised of a DiGiorno pizza and what looks like an entire bag of seasonal candy corn.

They captioned it with, “Tis the season my dudes,” by which I think they mean, “Tis the season to make everyone sick with fear and revulsion.”

It is a pretty funny idea: celebrate every holiday with a DiGiorno! But actually seeing it is a different matter. People are reacting with visceral disgust to the pictures, and also spreading them far and wide, so more people see it. Isn’t that the plot of The Ring, kinda?

Even DiGiorno has seen these tweets. Companies usually want to celebrate anything that promotes their product, but it seems like candy corn pizza is a promotion too far:

They’re not happy with how people are abusing their ability to make pizza at home. Shoulda thought of that before, DiGiorno. Now we’re all being tormented!

The OP admitted that they did try the pizza, it wasn’t just a visual stunt. The reviews are in:

Heed this warning: candy corn pizza will make you feel slightly sick, just like everything else that happens on Halloween. So, in a way, it’s perfect.

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