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Candy Corn Is Officially The Worst Halloween Candy, According To A New Survey

All Halloween candy is delicious if you ask me, but we all have our preferences when it comes to chowing down on sugary treats. And, according to a new survey by CandyStore.com, candy corn is officially the worst Halloween candy out there. 

People have been hating on candy corn since time immemorial—or at least since it was created in the 1880s—and I kind of get it. It’s waxy, it tastes artificial, and in comparison with more delicious candy like Skittles or Kit Kats, it’s kinda boring. However, it’s also deliciously nostalgic and quintessentially American, so how can you not kinda secretly love it? 

To come to this frankly offensive conclusion, CandyStore.com analyzed data (candy is very serious business, you see) from sites like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, and Bon Appetit and also asked over 40,000 of their own customers for their opinions. Candy Corn came at the bottom across the board. 

The rest of the Top 10 (or Bottom 10?) worst candies had other sugary deliciousness that I also don’t agree with. Circus peanuts? Yum! Necco Wafers? Love ’em but they’re not even made anymore, so this seems like a non-starter. Good & Plenty? Eh, not my favorite but they’ll do in a pinch. Tootsie Rolls? Um, yes please! However, I couldn’t be more in agreement with the inclusion of Smarties, licorice, Bit-o-Honey, and wax coke bottles. 

The top candies were unsurprising but also a little uninspired, with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups coming out as the universal favorite, followed by Snickers, Twix, Kit-Kat, M&Ms, Nerds, Butterfinger, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, and Hershey bars.

Sure, all of those things are tasty and classics (though I’d argue that Nerds shouldn’t be there and shouldn’t even be made anymore) but they’re not really special or even particularly seasonal since we tend to eat them year-round.  

Oh well, to each their own!

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