You Can Now Buy A White Claw Halloween Costume, If That’s Your Thing

Who doesn’t love White Claw? The hard seltzer water drink is so popular, there’s actually a shortage of it across the country. People are throwing White Claw-themed weddings and the beverage even has its own memes. If you count yourself among the alcoholic drink’s faithful following, you may be interested in the White Claw costume being sold on Etsy right now. 

Seller TheGlitterPharm wants to give White Claw enthusiasts the chance to dress up as their favorite drink this Halloween, so they began offering up custom dresses with the company logo as well as flavors displayed on the front. Whether you love Natural Lime, Black Cherry, Mango, or Ruby Grapefruit, the costume is available in the flavor of your choice. 

Not only that, but the availability of all the White Claw flavors means that if you planning on hitting up a Halloween party with your friends, you can each go as your favorite flavors and basically turn into a human six-pack (or a 12-pack, if you’re blessed to be that popular). 

Of course, any company offering to turn you into a life-sized can of White Claw was going to be popular, so they’ve actually had to put orders on hold temporarily while they catch up with the backlog. However, you should still be able to grab yours in time for October 31st if you keep checking back.

Perhaps the best part of this White Claw costume is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a costume. Since it’s technically just a t-shirt dress with a logo on it, you can basically wear it all year ’round in many different ways. Pair it with some tights, boots, and a denim jacket for an autumn night out. Whip it out next summer to throw over a bathing suit when you hit the beach. You can even wear it as a nightshirt, if that’s your thing. The options are endless. 

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