You Can Now Buy A Giant Glitter Straw Designed To Fit Into A Full Bottle Of Wine

After a long day, sometimes you just need a glass of wine. And after a really long day, you might need an entire bottle of wine. For people who find themselves needing a whole bottle more often than not, there’s a new product that can make it easier than ever before.

A new 15-inch glitter straw fits directly in a bottle of wine, so you can easily sip the whole thing in one sitting.

wine straw

Always Fits

The glittery plastic straws are perfectly sized to fit in a standard bottle of wine, and before they sold out, a pack of four cost just $15 at Always Fits—which, as it happens, encourages customers to use the straw to enjoy a full bottle of wine as one serving.

“Instead of pouring out a glass of wine (because let’s be honest, you’re gonna drink the whole bottle), just pop in a straw and get sipping.”

drinking wine straw

Always Fits

The fact that these straws are sold out shows just how popular they are. Even other versions of wine straws, like these from Amazon, are also out of stock. Whether you’re breaking these straws out at a party or just cracking open a bottle during a mid-week Netflix binge, they seem to be perfect for any occasion. Looks like everyone who still needs to get their drink on will just have to wait until the next batch of straws gets released.

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