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You Can Now Buy ‘Grinch’ Sugar Cookie Dough And It Comes With Little Candy Hearts

When you think of Christmas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stockings, candy canes, and presents all probably top the list, but what about The Grinch?

Whether you’re more of a fan of the animated classic or you prefer the newer live-action Jim Carrey-fronted version, chances are you’ve watched and loved the story of the cranky green guy whose heart grows three sizes after he learns the true meaning of Christmas

The people over at Nestle obviously feel the same, as they’ve just unveiled Grinch sugar cookie dough right in time for the holidays. Sure, it’s not even Halloween yet, but you can never get prepped for Christmas too early and frankly, you never really need an excuse to eat cookies. 

Nestle Toll House Pinch Of Grinch cookie dough comes complete with bright green dough and a tiny little red candy heart at the top. 


grinch cookie dough, the grinch, cookie dough, sugar cookie dough, christmas cookies

I don’t think the heart will grow three sizes as the cookie bakes or anything, but yours will… as will your waistline if you end up eating the whole packet of these in one sitting as I plan on doing.

The Grinch cookie dough pack, which sells for about $3, makes 20 cookies and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, if that’s something you care about when buying packaged cookie dough.

You’ll be able to pick a pack up at Target, Kroger, and other fine grocery stores starting at the beginning of October, so you won’t have long to wait! 

I feel like it’s worth mentioning here that technically speaking, you don’t need Nestle in order to fulfill your Grinch cookie needs.

You can also easily make your own version by grabbing the ingredients for your favorite sugar cookie dough, popping in a little green food coloring to get the desired shade, then getting some candy hearts to press on yourself.

I know the point here is the ease of taking them out of the packet and having cookies in 15 minutes, but just in case you can’t find them on your local grocery store’s shelves, it’s always a thought…

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