People Are Sharing Questionable Vintage Recipes And They’re All Cursed (20 Pics)

Change is constant, so they say, and the last 50 years have seen a whole lot of them. Life before your cell phones is pretty unthinkable now, but people lived their whole lives without them for centuries!

And change is reflected tenfold in the Facebook group Questionable Vintage Recipes, which shares (yes, you guessed it) odd foods from days of old.

Check out some of the best!

1. Butter

Jason Sachs

2. An actual diet

Reverse Wine Snob 

3. Whipped cream PILE

Emilie Kovalik

4. The Jello Molds

Robin Lee Miracle

5. Fit for a King

Meredith Elliott

6. Don’t worry, there’re more Jello molds…

Glenn Raymond Hadgkiss

7. I think it’s Thanksgiving?

Joann Cataldo

8. Quack.

Van Rose

9. And now it gets weirdly sexual.

Nancy Rees

10. These are NOT sweet.

Kenneth Influencer Charles

11. Getting real generous with the word “salad”

Nancy Ann

12. Shrimptree!

Alison Novak

13. A pile of brown

Bonnie White

14. Stuffed Pickles

Linda Lackner Donovan

15. Behold! More… yup. Jello Molds!

Michelle Lynn Ryan

16. 100% pig.

Misfit History

17. Cranberry Candles?

Romney Ryan

18. Jello CAKE!

Peach Kay

19. Food that looks like other food for ??? reasons.

Ridire Quinn

20. Shrimp + Apples?

Nancy Rees

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