Student Drops Meatball On Keyboard And It Closes Out Her Exam Mid-Test, Failing It

Having to take classes via Zoom and isolated from classmates presents many challenges, but how many students have experienced sandwich-related technical difficulties? So far, it seems like only University of Georgia student Samantha Lee, who gave herself a failing grade when a meatball fell out of her sub onto her computer, closing her out of an important test.

Lee posted about her journey on Twitter, showing a screenshot of a Snapchat in which you see Lee holding the offending sub sandwich, looking numb to the world and its absurdity.

“I’m not kidding I am sitting here eating a meatball sub taking my econ test,” she wrote over the image. “A meatball falls onto my keyboard and exits out of the test.”

She also showed a screenshot of the grade she received, a failing score of 39.17%. Wow, that’s precise, and not actually a bad score considering a meatball answered the majority of the questions.

Lee appealed to her professor in an email, which she also shared:

Dear Professor Lastrapes,

I had some technical difficulties and outside distractions during the test today. Something hit my computer and caused it to submit the test when I had less than half of the questions answered. By something, I mean a meatball that had tragically fallen onto my keyboard as I was taking the exam. This said meatball caused some malfunctions with my laptop and caused the test to submit itself.

She even sent her professor the Snapchat image as “primary evidence of the event occurring.”

I’m sure that college professors have heard it all, but this professor had not yet heard the meatball excuse. “Samantha, well, this is certainly a new and unusual excuse for a low score! But for that reason it seems unlikely you’ve made this up,” he responded. “I’ve extended your deadline for the module 6 test until midnight tonight.”

And he warned, “I would recommend you take the test either before or after dinner. :-)”

That’s why he’s the teacher and she’s the student.

The replies to Lee’s post are full of stories of accidentally sends and technical issues, plus understanding or unnecessarily cruel teachers:

What I want to know is…did she finish the sub?

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