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A Work Team Is Meeting In Red Dead Redemption Instead Of Zoom Because Why Not (11 Tweets)

Since quarantine hit, many people have suddenly turned into remote workers. That’s still better than not having a job. It does have new stresses, though, like trying to look like you’re awake on camera for hours at a time on hangout platform Zoom. Everyone you work with can see you sitting in your hole of a home, wearing pajamas and sporting insane hair. Sometimes someone walks in naked in the background by accident. Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could all just meet in an alternate universe online instead of seeing any of that?

Well, we definitely can, because the Internet is full of alternate universes for people to meet in. Book designer Viviane Schwarz pointed that out on Twitter, saying their team meets in popular video game Red Dead Redemption, a western saga out in the forest and on the plains.

red dead redemption zoom meeting, red dead redemption zoom

“Zoom sucks, we started having editorial meetings in Red Dead Redemption instead. It’s nice to sit at the campfire and discuss projects, with the wolves howling out in the night.”

What an amazing idea. You can be an avatar instead of yourself, which sells it to me immediately. You get to feel like you’re out in nature. You can ride a horse. It’s perfect!

red dead redemption zoom meeting, red dead redemption zoom

There are certain pleasures built into the game structure that will keep you on your toes, like being surrounded by wolves or getting strangled by a co-worker. But that’s what makes it fun.

Schwarz offered some examples of what a regular meeting in the RDR2 universe is like:

But there are some technical difficulties in switching back and forth between the video game universe and actual office business. Plus, everyone who meets in the wild west has to have reached a certain level in the game as a bare minimum to participate.

But there are also perks, like avoiding the awkward goodbye wave that seems inevitable at the end of a Zoom meeting. Just ride off into the sunset, cowboy!:

A lot of people had follow-up questions and their own ideas for alternative Zoom rooms. Schwarz did her best to keep up with the crowd for a while, but eventually had to bow out, saying she isn’t a “cowboy consultant,” but hopes everyone goes and has an online adventure:

Look, work isn’t fun. But it can be!

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