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Mom Flips Out On Teacher Who Told Daughter “Life Isn’t Fair” When She Was Stressed Out

The pandemic has led to all sorts of challenges for students, their parents, and their teachers. Things are changing all the time, people are trying to figure out new technology, and getting kids to focus on a computer is very different than engaging them in the classroom. The blurred lines have also revealed things parents might not have known before because it’s all being projected into their living room.

A mom posting under the name u/anon291throw  on r/AmItheA–hole had an altercation with her eight-year-old daughter’s teacher after overhearing her dismissing the kid’s concerns about the sheer number of homework assignments she’d suddenly been hit with. The mom says that her daughter attends a private school that just switched to remote learning. Prior to this, her daughter never came home with homework:

Instead of easing their way in to the remote learning like most schools have done, they decided to slam my daughter with 137 assignments the same day that the students were given the tablets. I’m sure you can see my frustration. On top of this, the assignments are due today. All 137 of them. Not to mention the SIX mandatory zoom meetings throughout the day, which leaves very little time to do the actual assignments. AND you cant access the assignments past 4pm OR on the weekends.

Mom says she and her kid get up at 5 am to start working their way through all of this stuff and they go until they’re shut out of the system. This has been very hard and hasn’t left her with any time to help her other kid, who is nine.

This morning during a mandatory meeting my daughters teacher asked how everyone was doing. Her teacher is one of those teachers who should have retired 20 years ago and is an ass to all of the students and cuts them off midsentence every single time they speak. So when it came time for my daughter to answer, my daughter said “I’m feeling really overwhelmed” and her teacher said “Well, life isnt fair, is it?” And then went to move on to another student. Before she did I said “Excuse me??” and popped my head into view of the camera.

The teacher tried to say her comment “came out worse than intended,” but the OP responded, “Yeah, I think not actually. I will be in contact with the school since you feel its necessary to instantly shoot down students that you are supposed to be helping.”

She logged off and called the school. The mom’s husband called her a “Karen” and said the teacher was feeling overwhelmed herself, probably. The mom doesn’t care and just generally seems to be enraged by the never-ending assignments. But she wanted to know if she was being the a–hole.

People seemed a bit baffled about the whole thing, though they were generally supportive. The number of assignments are obviously unsustainable, so a few people suggested she reach out to other parents about them since this can’t be the only family having a problem with them:

It might be that there are no real a–holes here, mostly just lots of people trying to do something kind of impossible and freaking out under the stress. What matters most is what’s good for the kids. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be this school.

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