20 People Share The Dumb, Weird, Funny Things They Believed As Kids


“I thought if you left a video game on then a character would come out of the tv and kill you. I was a bit paranoid as a small kid.” — NemuiNezumi


“Grandparents were assigned to families. Like, I didn’t know my Grandma was my Dad’s mom.” — RosyMama


“That the Underground Railroad was a literal secret underground subway style steam engine that Harriet Tubman was the conductor of.” — BMoreGirly 


“I thought Wichita, Kansas was where all the witches lived.” — ButtholeBanquet


“People that died in movies really died.”  — TraditionalTackle1


“That the world actually used to be black and white like it was in old movies, and even asked my mom what it felt like when all the colors suddenly appeared.” — plantmama10


“If you turn on the light in the car, you‘ll get arrested or might die.” — OldschoolGabber


“All cats were girls and all dogs were boys.” — -eDgAR-


“Going behind a counter or register anywhere even at my dad’s office would get me arrested.” — ErulisseGirl


“I felt terrible as a kid to eat. I wouldn’t eat in front of people and every meal I would find myself thinking ‘poor food, getting eaten ‘ because I was convinced they had emotions.” — Porcupine98

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