Woman Dumps Water On a Kid After He Dumps Water On Her Cat And It Sparked A Debate

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was taking Karate but was fighting kids?

Well,  this story is kinda like that. But with cats.

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The Internet is in quite a fervor over a confrontation between a woman and a child.

There is a clear divide in who is backing who: if you have a kid, you’re in favor of the kid. If you have a cat, you’re in favor of the woman. I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how things have shaken out.

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The story starts with Twitter user @shannoncooperox sharing this little anecdote.  “My 10-year-old neighbor just threw a cup of water over my cat who was sitting on the fence minding his own business n laughed so I threw a basin of water over him from the window and now his dad is at my door going mental but I don’t see the problem, don’t touch my cat,” she wrote.

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She added an additional threat to “Brian” who I assume is the dad.

That’s when things really popped off. The people with kids came out to tell Shannon that she is a full-grown adult who has no right to “assault” a child. They have impulse control issues! And the parent has a right to make these decisions in regard to punishment! And they would punch her in the face for that!

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People with cats are like, You Go, Girl!

And Shannon herself seems a bit bemused by how mad everyone is. She shared that when Brian got mad, he hadn’t realized what his son had done, and they ultimately are friends and laughed it off.

She also added that the kid is actually 13, which seems old enough to know you shouldn’t throw water on a cat unless you are an a**hole.

She also paid the cat tax:

The lesson is that you can get as mad as you want at people on the Internet, they can just log off and pet their cat.

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