Twitter: @courtmaloney

Dad Expertly Photoshopped Mom Out Of Family Photo To Post On Facebook

Families of divorce get complicated.

If you have kids, you will hopefully find some friendly way to co-exist with your ex, but a lot of people don’t.

Twitter user @courtmaloney posted a short story in two pics that illustrates a lot about how her divorced parents are dealing with their split.

The first pic shows what looks like four siblings and their mom in front of a fireplace:

Twitter: @courtmaloney

She shared a screenshot of her dad’s Facebook version, which has cropped mom out, writing, “The SHADE????? the SKILL???”

Twitter: @courtmaloney

It should be noted that the mom wasn’t on the edge of the frame or anything. She was smack dab between two of her kids, but if you didn’t see the first photo, you likely wouldn’t notice that she’s missing in the second one. I don’t know if this guy is a professional photo editor or what, but it’s a pretty amazing job for the average Facebook dad.

Courtney seems more impressed than mad:

She also says her mom found it “funny,” so good for mom. But other people chimed in to say that Courtney’s dad is immature and going to this kind of trouble to get mom literally out of the picture is childish and weird:

Hey, if the family members involved don’t care, don’t go into someone’s mentions to drum up drama. They seem to be managing that on their own just fine. And maybe for the next holiday, they’ll take a couple of photo alternates so dad doesn’t have to do so much work.

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