Bride’s Monster-In-Law Won’t Let Her Wear The Makeup She Wants On Her Wedding Day

A distressed bride (u/Lth35467) came to Reddit after she got caught up in some family drama with her monster-in-law and fiance. After an altercation over what makeup she was going to face for her wedding, things got a little sticky. The disagreement left her wondering if she had overreacted to a minor inconvenience.

It’s no secret that a lot of women dream about their wedding day from the time they’re little girls, to the day they walk down the aisle. There are a ton of factors that go into planning a wedding, but perhaps one of the most important things is whether or not the bride is going to be satisfied with her look. Her dress, veil, hair, and makeup are all important to a woman who is about to behold the eyes of everyone she cares about.

Although the way the bride decides to present herself is entirely up to her, there are times when the family gets a little too involved. When this happens, we get our lovely, viral, Internet posts that draw in armchair critics everywhere.

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The bride-to-be in this tale was put through the wringer with her monster-in-law once she and her fiance began to plan their wedding.

Before the makeup fiasco took place, a similar argument left her cautious about sharing her fashion ideas with the rest of the family. When OP (original poster) had picked a dress she liked and showed it to her “supervising” MIL, the conservative woman shot her down, claiming that the dress showed “too much skin.”

Disheartened but still determined, OP decided to resort to her makeup looks, because you’d think she could at least have that for herself, right? Wrong. Not only did her fiance say his mother would drop dead if she saw the design, he also insulted his wife-to-be by telling her she would look like a “clown” if she followed through with the idea.

This distressed bride asked Reddit: “AITA for calling my Fiance’s delusional for wanting me to let his mom pick my makeup/look for the wedding?”

My fiance and I are getting married. He comes from a conservative family and his mom has been up in the wedding planning posing as “supervisor” to oversee and to “catch & eliminate” anything that could be seen as “offensive”.

Right off the bat, we can tell that OP’s mother-in-law is the type to not approve of much unless it includes long skirts and traditional values.

After the wedding dress fiasco, (I was told to get a dress that wasn’t showing too much ‘skin'”) came the makeup issue. I showed my fiance some looks I wanted to choose from and he gasped and said his mom would have a stroke if she saw “these”. I, in frustration asked what I should do and the next thing I knew, but did not expect, was for her to send me “looks” of models with almost no makeup or light makeup.

After criticizing her dress of choice, her MIL decided to send OP some ideas for her makeup too. Unfortunately, the “looks” were equivalent to the style of Hester Prynne.

No eye shadow, no glowly lipstick just…plain look. I refused to choose from any of her suggestions and we had an argument. My fiance came home and argued about how I’m planning on humiliating him and family at the wedding by wanting to look like a…”clown” and make a joke out of BOTH of us.

So OP replied to her fiance with the only valid response she could muster up..

I snapped and called him delusional to think I’ll let his mom get a say in what makeup I should wear since it’s my face. He said there’s no such thing as “mine” and “yours” in marriage and that I’m clearly too “immature” for it.

Now OP is getting the silent treatment.

He has been avoiding me while saying “you know why I’m avoiding you…” and his mom sent a text about how she has my best interest at heart. AITA?

What a nightmare. This woman’s husband took his mommy’s side over his bride-to-be over something as insignificant as what make-up she was going to wear on her wedding day. It’s not OP’s fault that her husband can’t handle his wife looking good on their big date! Not to mention, it seems like OP wouldn’t be marrying her fiance, but her monster-in-law instead, since she clearly calls all the shots.

Redditors who saw the post were outraged with her fiance and MIL’s behavior, begging OP to see the red flags waving in front of her (makeup-less) face. Many urged her to rethink her engagement. If something as simple as makeup was causing such a quarrel, imagine what would happen when she bought a new outfit!

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