People Are Sharing Stuff Their Crushes Did That “Absolutely Killed” Their Attraction (45 Replies)

Growing up, it doesn’t take long to learn that you can fall out of lust/love/attraction with someone just as easily as you fell into it. I had a huge crush on this girl in 5th grade and I found this giant, super cool (to me) heavy rock to give to her as a present. She sort of sneered and was like “uhhh, thanks” because she was with her friends and then she just left it on the curb and walked off. I took that stupid rock home with me, but my infatuation with this girl had completely disappeared.

This is pretty par for the course when you’re a kid. Rejection happens a lot. Feelings are hot and cold. And a question asked by Redditor u/wcypierre is proof of this, except most of the people in these posts are adults and not children. “What did your crush do that absolutely killed your interest?” they asked recently. Scroll through and check out people’s former crushes most unattractive behaviors.



Revealed his list of conquests. “Not even my brother knows how many women I’ve slept with.”

Then he offered to take my virginity in the back of his pickup truck.

I passed.—u/LadyErynn


She asked if things didn’t work out if I would mind if she went out with my roommate. I said I couldn’t possibly do that to him and left.—u/Medicmike43


He talked about how he and his friends used to abuse farm cats. They talked about one that was buried and then run over. I did a quick 180 and absolutely hated him.—u/Psychoapathy


Bragged about drinking and driving. He told me that he and his friends have a “nothing under 100” club, where they drink and then drive on the interstate going 100+ mph and have to send a full-length snapchat video of the speedometer to each other.

Two of my friends had been killed by a drunk driver 3 months prior.—u/sarah_the_intern


Kept arranging times to talk and whatnot, then always forgot or was not available—u/v857


Bullied the quiet kid in our class—u/RoachIsCrying


Stole from a homeless person.

We were walking together downtown and she saw a bucket of coins in front of a pharmacy. She just scooped it all up and kept walking. Guy comes out as she’s 20 feet away or so and yells at her, she keeps moving. I stood there and just gave him a $20 and didn’t hang out with her anymore. We were 14 and 15.—u/setzRFD


He tried to discreetly take photos of my feet… Nothing against people who are into that, but the way he was going about it was super creepy.—u/rifframgrrl


“Ye, I don’t get washing, I just don’t really like taking a shower or a bath or anything”—u/Przeke


She asked me if I was good with kids because she was pregnant with her ex and that’s she’s not good with kids (it was the first date)—u/evolving-arabe