People Are Sharing Stuff Their Crushes Did That “Absolutely Killed” Their Attraction (45 Replies)


His sister actually approached me and let me know that he was once arrested for locking their other pregnant sister in their basement, went on a coke binge while she desperately tried to get out, and went outside to beat their unsuspecting neighbors van with a golf club. That was a big’ol nope.—u/pale_moon_pixie


Kissed me and then, after he pulled away, told me he has a girlfriend.—u/thewalkingellie


(This was years ago, on a first date) Tried to convince me to quit my job and put all my savings into gold bars; then demanded I let him read my Tarot cards to see if we’d be a good fit. Nope nope nope.—u/itsacalamity


Placed the tip on the table before we’d received service, before using it as a threat. Reaaaal ugly—u/haywhat


She said I “smile too much”

F*ck you, I smile when I want to, I try to find joy.—u/nonpalo


Talked nonstop about himself and his accomplishments and never asked me one question about myself—u/toughrookie


We were teenagers, he lived in a different province, and we used to chat on skype. He wanted me to think he was a “badass” or something and would always talk about his drug use. He ended up faking a heroin overdose when we were on chat together. I was hysterically crying and freaking out thinking I was watching someone dying and was trying to figure out how to call 911 in another province when he “snapped out of it” and told me he was actually okay. I didn’t talk to him much after that.—u/Shelvis




She got blackout drunk at a party and violently shat her pants. The smell alone completely turned me off of any interest I had—u/nikithb


Turned out to be the person eating everyone else’s food from the breakroom fridge.—u/tunaforthursday

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