People Are Sharing Stuff Their Crushes Did That “Absolutely Killed” Their Attraction (45 Replies)


Talked shit about every woman in his life. Should have seen the red flags earlier, didn’t realize until later that he probably did the same to me. Apparently having an opinion about anything and speaking for yourself isn’t a very ladylike thing to do—u/m1097


Told me he liked dating broken girls so he could fix them. See ya later, boner.—u/galaxyeyes47


Well it turns out he wasn’t interested in girls so, I knew I had to kill my feelings or feel stupid for keeping them.—u/SnowyMuscles


Said she was staring up a group for LGBT youth. I asked her why, and then realized I had been barking up the wrong tree.—u/gerbil_111


She invited me over to her place (not as a date thing, but just to hang out as friends). Her house was absolutely filthy and the glass of coke she gave me had a hair in it. She was really cute, had a great personality, and was a genuinely nice person, but as soon as I saw cat shit on the floor near the front door and just dirty everything my crush disappeared and I left in a hurry—u/tahsii


We were going on a date and when we were just next to the cinema she found her friend and she went with her instead—u/wojtekkkkk


Threw my 2000$ laptop through my new big screen tv.—u/LarroldSumptin


She detested cats and insisted that I give up my furry buddy before she’d move in with me.

It wasn’t that she was allergic to cats. She issued the ultimatum because – according to her – my cat “received too much of my time and affection, and she wasn’t going to ‘compete’.”—Back2Bach


We played monopoly. That game brings out the absolute worst in people.—u/sourkeychain


Kicked a dog—u/swintontoo