People Are Sharing Stuff Their Crushes Did That “Absolutely Killed” Their Attraction (45 Replies)


Told me he was only being nice to me because he was interested in a friend of mine. I see his Facebook posts now. He is dumber than a box of rocks on a treadmill.—u/Booner999


She slept with my dad—u/dimple_guy


Her: Why are you leaving a tip? Me: Because…the service was really good? Her: But she’s fat.—u/TheKoreanMango


Too critical about every word I uttered under the name of sarcasm.—u/Stuckinreverie


He picked me up for our first date and his car was disgusting. Not talking a few trash items, the entire backseat and floorboard was completely covered in piled up trash, even up front. I had to step on empty McDonald’s bags, old soda bottles, wrappers ect to even get in. And all he said was, just move it around with your feet. No sorry or anything. Made me feel like trash too. Like dang, couldn’t even clean up a little?—u/Goblinqueen626


Ignored me when somebody new and shiny came along.—u/username-is-mistaken


Dumped me after 9 months because she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. Got into a relationship the next day and was married within 5 months.—u/Heraldkala


Light the back fence of the school on fire to ‘impress a mate’ edit: should add that he did it whilst high (weed is not legal here in Australia yet)—u/That_cambot_is_me


Told me that she didn’t like me back anymore, but maybe if I waited long enough she would like me like that again.

Edit: She told me that I had gotten more critical lately and I “changed”. So she wanted me to change back before she would be with me.—u/paws101


“I’ll kiss you but I’d never date you”. Fk you.—u/CanineRezQ