People Are Sharing Stuff Their Crushes Did That “Absolutely Killed” Their Attraction (45 Replies)


She ate a live snail. I was in 6th grade.—u/sp33dzer0


Being rude to the waiter and complain that food is taking too long during dinner rush hour. I work in the industry for a year. It’s not easy when being slammed during rush.—u/mukrhiz45


He didn’t believe in dinosaurs. One of those super religious types and someone got into a conversation with him about dinosaurs and he was absolutely convinced that “dinosaur bones were put there by the devil to trick us. ”

As a firm lover of dinosaurs, as soon as I heard that, any and all attraction disappeared.—u/DailyPlanet_Reporter


She physically “shushed” me in a group with her finger on my lips while i was singing along with my friends to a cover band.—u/moonspyke


Girl in car behind him honked when the light turned green. He got out of the car and began screaming and banging on her windshield. That’s when I knew he was a psycho and I needed to get out of that relationship. Took me a destroyed home and 2 restraining orders later but we’ve been broken up for 3 years now.—u/Squishyfaced

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