“Which Job Is A Lot Less Fun Than Most People Expect?“—A Viral Thread (35 Replies)


Working in a music store ( musical instruments )

Your days are spent listening to 50 different people play 50 different riffs poorly simultaneously, as if they’re all putting on their own concert.—u/InternetKidsAreMean


Being a paramedic, if you work somewhere like. Chicago, NYC or LA yea you get stabbings and shootings other varieties of murder on the regular, most places the bulk of call volume is patients that “don’t feel well” the adrenaline filled blood guts and glory calls are far less likely than the media would imply.—u/suicidebylifestyle


Toys R’ Us. Not around anymore but I’m sure this applies to other toy stores, though few that they are. It is still retail and in this case it involves people’s kids so of course the parents are twice as entitled to have to deal with.—u/D34thbySnooSnoo


Librarian. It’s not all books and being quiet. There are also spreadsheets.—u/math-yoo


Being a Character Performer at Disney.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing perks and truly magical moments. I know I’m super lucky and tons of people would love to be in my shoes.

But the day to day work is EXHAUSTING in ways I never thought possible. Guests are ridiculously abusive…I’ve had things said and done to me I never would have imagined. The company isn’t always great – it highly depends on your leadership. And there’s so much focus on your body and face (good and BAD) that it can be incredibly depressing and difficult emotionally.

Plus, you have to accept that there’s very little upward mobility. Most people “grow out of it” and it’s rough to know that one day you’ll get “too old” or “too fat” and you will have to start all over in a new career field. So you constantly are thinking either, 1) what you’re going to do when you leave, 2) how you’re going to keep yourself there. I personally knew it would be temporary, and I now only work there seasonally while I have a “normal career”. But Disney has a way of sucking you in.—u/TheMarvelPrincess


Dog groomer. Its like working with children but with the added danger of one of them ripping your face off if you’re not careful. Very stressful!—u/f*ckinglonerb*tch


Cyber Security. Bro, the movies do us no justice. Hacking is not as fast nor is it as easy as the media makes it. It’s a great field but you spend a lot of time researching or watching paint dry, especially in the gov side.—u/DyslexicDad


Being a chef.

All the flare and awesomeness they show on vice and Netflix is far from what actually happens in the industry. It’s not all fancy plates and tattooed/cool haired guys doin their thing. It’s a drug infested, law breaking work environment that only benefits the owners of a restaurant—u/Bestspacecadet2


Lawyer, no it isn’t like they show on TV. Hey, finally case is before the judge, crap the other party didn’t show up. Next date that judge has given is 3 months away.—u/Lousy_Lawyer


Managing a dog hotel. Breaking up dog fights, dogs shitting in the lobby and the occasional awful owners.—u/Walkeverest


I write adult fanfiction as a side hustle After a certain point it’s just like writing a paper, except you have to keep thinking of different synonyms for a penis—u/GirthquakePrime



Did it during my twenties and that was more than enough. Long, hot days… living out of cheap motels on shit pay, and you typically find nothing more than some pieces of glass and broken pottery. Every once in a blue moon you find something cool, but those items generally end up getting stored away in a box full of other artifacts never to be seen again.—u/xenedra0


Pilot. You could lose your career with a single illness or injury, which could be happening to me soon.—u/awesomeaviator



Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to be around so many amazing animals and care for them…

But the smells are ridiculously, insanely foul.

I have a really strong stomach and it’s still tough for me…we’ve had some interns quit over it.

I was warned about the smells when getting into the field, but thought “oh I’ve volunteered at animal shelters, I know what animal stink smells like”

Nope. Not even close.—u/wekoo9


Gamemaster at an escape room.

It’s the same repetitive script, resetting the same stuff, giving clues and hints about the same things. The patrons are often competitive families who argue, obnoxious impatient 13-year-olds, college students who have been drinking, idiots who break shit and touch shit that I SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM NOT TO. They never remember your initial instructions. If something gets broken during one group, you have to hurry and fix it before the next group.—u/Fauuzie

Bonus: “After reading through this thread for 20 minutes I’ve concluded that every job sucks”—u/Heir233

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