19 Brides Whose “Something New” Might Just Be COVID-19

11. The bride who got COVID, but still “wouldn’t change a thing”


12. The couple who had a 300-person wedding in a major U.S. city with no protections

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13. The bride who is “beyond hurt” by her friend skipping her wedding due to the pandemic


14. The couple who is all over it


15. The parent who is absolutely furious at the governor for enforcing social distancing orders

16. The bride who is “extremely hurt” by the “germaphobe” with a longterm illness refusing to dance with the groom

17. The bride who needs a serious “pep booster talk”

18. The “covid wife” who held a mask-free wedding then took off on her honeymoon

19. And finally, the bride wondering how to convince guests to not wear masks for pictures

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