21 Teachers Share The Coolest Things They’ve Confiscated From Students


Not a teacher but my teacher took my Mighty Beans™ in 2010 and still hasn’t given them back so i’m guessing she thought they were pretty cool —xnkxwn


A raw egg spray painted silver.

A live bird caught outside.

A homemade hand buzzer.

A luchador mask —Karmackinnon20


When I was a casual teacher I confiscated a knife from a 5 year old. He threatened me with it when I tried to get him to do his work. It was my first week. —patgeo


Not a teacher, but one time a teacher confiscated a kid’s PSP. It got stolen over night, so she had to buy him a new one. Physics was tense from then on out. —jsmith14931


I always wonder what the teacher did with Dad’s XXX porn mag I brought to school when I was 7. —AllElse11


There was a big conspiracy of exam paper trading going on around the area my school is located in. Some kid figured out a way to get the independent exam that several of the schools would purchase each year.

He sold copies to anyone who would buy them, including our students.

We confiscated a copy of the exam with a different schools logo on it before it was issued to our students. Eventually my school figured out we couldnt buy exams from this seller anymore as the papers for most subjects (English, maths, Chen etc) always made it to the kids through the black market.

To my knowledge, the seller was never caught. —gnarley_quinn


I got busted selling envelopes of porn mag clippings. It went from zero to sixty real quick but the schools essentially pulled a RICO case on me. I would advertise by leaking some product and relying on word of mouth. In the bathrooms youd see clippings taped in the stalls behind the doors. In my bag a dozen repurposed envelopes I stole from my mom to house the classified porn. This only lasted 3 days before it became a big issue but after I was suspended it was like it never happened. Nobody talked about it because soon after you could just go online and look at porn on your phones. —RaoulDuke209


A lot of drugs.

Some really awesome lighters.

A number of flick knives.

Knuckle dusters.

And my personal favourite – a kitten. He found it on the way to school, brought it with him and had it in his locker (with lots of air flow and a blanket for comfort). I caught him trying to smuggle a saucer of milk to it. —commentspanda


Frozen water bottle full of frozen margarita he was passing to his friends. 8th grade homeroom, so 13-year olds sharing a cocktail at 8 am.

It was actually kind of clever hiding in plain sight (it did just look like a bottle of frozen water), but my teacher sense told me something was up. —tangesq


A duck’s egg, It smelled horrible. She told me she found It in the park (It was winter), She was keeping It in her hat hoping It was still alive. Sorry, child. —Orchid-Flower


One time in high school my geometry teacher tried to take the phone of a kid who she thought was texting during class. Turns out, he had cut a hole in his jacket and was actually just masturbating —Bouffaloof

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