Woman Won’t Share $300,000 Prize With Her Boyfriend And People Think That’s Wrong

Discussing money in relationships can be a tricky topic. Winning a prize with some serious value ($300,000) can make things even trickier. A domestic scuffle ensued after a woman won a restored Jaguar from a raffle that her boyfriend originally found. Although he was the one who found the raffle, she was the one who paid for the ticket, despite offering to split the cost with her partner beforehand. 

This woman (u/gotlucky1245) shared her story of her and her boyfriends disagreement after winning the hefty prize. Read the full story below along with some of the top comments!

In the subReddit “Am I The A-hole?” OP asked: “AITA for keeping a $300,000 prize to myself when I originally planned to share it with my boyfriend?”

My (26f) boyfriend (27m) is really into cars. He recently discovered a charity project where they fixed up an old Jaguar. It’s worth around $300,000. You could buy a ticket for $50 to enter and the money went towards a good cause.

OP suggested that her and her boyfriend go half on a raffle ticket, but he didn’t want to.

My bf is broke at the moment so I offered to go halves with the ticket. He didn’t want to because then the car wouldn’t be his completely. I wasn’t too worried about it and didn’t mention it again. I did however buy a ticket for myself.

After buying a ticket by herself, OP ended up winning the Jaguar.

Well, I won and as of August 1st will be the owner of the car. When my boyfriend found out he was really excited until I told him that I was going to sell it and put half of it in my savings and invest half of it. He said I can’t sell OUR car without consulting him. I told him it’s MY car and I can do whatever I want.

After a tough loss, the boyfriend attempted to manipulate OP into sharing the car with him…

He now claims it was all a big misunderstanding and apparently he wanted to go halves but hasn’t got around to giving me the money yet. I call bs on it but he keeps saying that we’re a couple and we should make decisions together.

So she asked…

AITA for going ahead with the plan to sell the car and keep the money to myself?

OP went on to add a somewhat expected edit to her original post saying,

Edit. I broke up with him

The situation had a fairly straight forward answer- the OP is “Not The A-hole” in this situation. However, the scenario isn’t an easy one, given that her boyfriend did find the charity and was “broke” at the time of the raffle. On the flip side, even the thought of sharing the car with his girlfriend wasn’t something he was down for, so it’s unfair for him to expect her to share after she paid full-price and won.

Redditors congratulated OP on her win and her loss, saying that it was clear she was better off without her gaslighting boyfriend.