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Tattoo Artists Share The “Most WTF” Tattoos They’ve Ever Been Asked To Do (17 Posts)


“Guy in tech school had me draw a tattoo for him of a turtle being shot out of a cannon with a bo staff in one hand and some nunchucks in the other. The turtle was a mix of a koopa and ninja turtle wearing Chuck Taylor’s. The placement had it being shot up towards his nipple where it looks like it’s about to bite it. I accepted free WiFi as payment. He was known for getting weird tattoos such as his laundry mark on his lower back. Nice guy, but good God he had weird taste in tattoos.” — BigCaT31


“I have ‘will dj for food’ on my kneecap. Not too mad about it but it’s trash for sure.”  — eternalbuzz


“TikTok symbol on cheek.” — 20pero


“Some guy came in and wanted me to do a pizza having sex with a pumpkin I asked him if he was serious and he said yes so I did it. He seemed happy with it at the end so at least he didn’t immediately regret it but I know he will in the future.” — SparkleCorn785


“When I was still an apprentice, a girl came in to get tattooed by my boss. She had a four leaf clover tattooed on her clit, and she wanted my boss to go over it, and was saying that it was pretty faded. She seemed normal at the front desk and we exchanged small talk, and then I went back with her and was setting up my boss’ station. To make casual conversation I asked the client if it hurt a lot to get tattooed down there. This question changed something in her, and she turned to me with this crazy expression and said “honestly, I like the pain.” I nervous laughed and luckily was done setting up and f—ked off.

My boss goes into his office with her and closes the door. Then, not even five minutes go by and I hear the door open and she fast walks out and leaves the shop. I was like WTF just happened as my boss walks out, and he explains to me that the tattoo didn’t look faded at all. It was perfectly legible and looked recent. But the whole time she was begging him to go over it “just a little bit” and got extremely pushy until she just flat out started trying to seduce him until he told her to leave. It happened all so fast but I know I’ll never forget that one.” — rhombus_fucker


“He had me tattoo his whole peepee black. He was white. It was wrong but i got paid so ok.” — peepersceeper77


“A customer came in once at the behest of his work colleagues. Apparently he had lost a contest or something… ended up leaving with a ‘nard’ dog on his butt cheek. — MuchoFrickinOro

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