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25 Tattoo Artists Reveal The ‘Unique’ Tattoo Ideas They’re Sick To Death Of Doing

It’s hard to be original these days, which is unfortunate for people who want tattoos: they’re a permanent reminder that you are basic as hell. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you should scroll through the replies to Redditor u/Dexley’s question on r/AskReddit, “Tattoo artists, what pieces are you tired of doing?”

If you already have a tattoo on this list, take heart. As supposedly professional tattoo artist natekaschak wrote:

All tats are cool as hell to do, no getting tired of any designs. Want that lemniscate? I can do those FOREVER! Titty Chandelier? Let’s hang em! Watercolor bird explosion?? I got plenty in stock! Crossing out Chad’s name and getting Luke’s instead? 3rd times a charm!

Seriously, people are paying you actual money for art, if you’re getting tired of that you’re in the wrong damn business. Everything is fun if you try to care about it.

Too true. Leave my infinity symbol alone!


If I have to tattoo the entire declaration of independence on one more fat dude’s back, I’m going to scream. —–cheese–


I worked as a shop manager for a little bit. My boss/the head artist was getting super burnt out on big cats (specifically lions) wearing crowns. In about a month, he’d done 5 realistic lions (and a panther) wearing crowns on dudes who wanted to feel like kings. I had to start politely turning them down when people called to inquire about them.

“Sorry, Ian’s not really interested in doing more big cats this month.” —AncientCatGod


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Tattoo artist from Alabama here. I am not religious at all but I think I’ve ascribed the entire bible on human flesh at this point. —RAWest_ofRaw


From my tattoo artist friend: pocket watches surrounded by roses —c0nsume0


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As an Australian I’m looking to see if any Aussie tattoo artists are sick of doing the southern cross yet… I guess I know the answer already anyway. Edit: saw it after I posted this. Cheers, though, everyone. —FencePaling


Went to a tattoo artist in NoCo once. He asked what I was thinking of doing, I said “I want an outline of-” and he just sighed and said “listen dude, I’m sorry but if I have to tattoo Pikes Peak one more time I’m gonna lose it.” For the record, I was asking for a rat, and he apologized profusely, but I thought it was hilarious. I know three different Coloradans with Pikes Peak tattoos. —Renlywinsthethrone


Fucking snake coming out of the eye of a skull and why does the guy who wants this tattoo always have a perfectly groomed goatee. —Talonqr


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Not an artist, but as I was setting up my last appointment, my artist and I were talking at the front desk and the person at the reception at the desk took a call, said “just a minute” and asks my artist;

“Hey Kev, do you have time for a walk in today?”

He looks over and says “maybe, what do they want?”

“An infinity loop”

“Are they on hold?”


“Fuck that, I’m so fucking sick of infinity loops. Tell em I’m busy.”

So I think infinity loops for Kev. —aZombieSlayer


The chinese word for “water” or “hope” or whatever else cliche term. —Pakmanjosh


“Its an anchor to symbolize I can’t be held down” —MCsquared3745


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