Dude Gets Dunked On After Dissing Tinder Match’s Outfit (21 Pics)

Look, there’s a lot to love about Tinder.

It’s an amazing resource for finding a date fast, and all the energy you need to put into that is swiping your thumb left or right.

Certainly a far cry from the days of having to troll bars of drunken bros and bachelorette parties in order to meet someone.

Plus some of the bios are hilarious…

But, as any woman (or man, frankly) can tell you: there’s a lot NOT to love about tinder.

I mean, for starters, the DMs escalate from “Hi!” to “Let’s bone” instantly.

And then there’s all the over-sharing.

Like, really, lots of oversharing.

And then, of course, there are just d-bags, like the one this Twitter user dealt with recently…

Thea Lauryn Chippendale went viral on Twitter after she shared a screenshot of a Tinder DM from George, who went out of his way to insult her appearance and outfit.

The 20-year-old posted two side-by-side images to Twitter: Her and George’s conversation and the picture to which he refers.

 Thea captioned it:

“Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke,” George wrote to her, unprovoked,” but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favors. Hope this helps,” he added alongside a thumbs-up Emoji.

When Thea replied with “Excuse me?” George snapped back, “You heard!”


“Why did you feel like you needed to comment on it?” asked Thea. “Is your head that far up your own arse that you thought your opinion mattered?”

George explained that he simply couldn’t help himself. “Literally had to tell you or else I wouldn’t have slept,” he wrote. “It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job I tell you what.. GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks. Hope this helps.”

The photo and dress in question is this beautiful rose-pink mid-length lace number, which 1) honestly does not look at all thrifted (it’s from ASOS) and 2) if it was WHO EVEN CARES AT ALL and 3) How dare you? Shut up, George. Idiot.


Within two days’ time, Thea’s tweet had racked up nearly 95,000 likes and over 7300 retweets and comments from people voicing their support and encouragement.

But mostly, folks dunked on George’s fragile masculinity and cringe-inducing insecurity.

“‘GROW UP'” he says to a woman who is clearly confident and self assured,” wrote one Twitter user. “A thinly veiled attempt at compensating for his own issues with self image and status. Sad.”

Not to worry, the “not all men” crowd emerged from the trenches, as expected.

While others pointed out how totally INSANE IT IS to match with someone on Tinder for the sole purpose of dissing them. Like, who ARE these people???

Here’s a link to the dress on ASOS, in case you’re as big a fan as the rest of us. And a quick reminder to (some, lol) men: WOMEN DON’T DRESS FOR YOU!!!

👏 Happy Follow-Up (7/22/20): 

She is now modeling the dress for ASOS 

h/t Twitter