Couple Sleeps In Rental Car After Airbnb Double-Booked Room

While Airbnb may be a convenient option for accommodations, it is not without its flaws. There have been instances where the quality of the accommodation falls far short of expectations, and some hosts have been known to engage in questionable business practices. These issues can lead to unhappy customers and ruined vacations.

A Reddit user named u/lightfighter06 recently shared a negative experience they had while trying to book a room on Airbnb for a trip to Kona, Hawaii with their spouse. The situation took a strange turn when it was discovered that the accommodation had been booked by two parties at the same time.

The couple had made a reservation for a room in Kona, Hawaii, but were surprised to discover that someone else was already living there when they arrived.

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This is the tale of their vacation that turned into a disaster.


The author’s experience with Airbnb was disappointing due to the host’s lack of remorse for double-booking the room and the poor service provided by the Airbnb help desk. The host made a mistake but failed to apologize or inform the other tenants, and the help desk offered to cancel the booking instead of finding a solution for the couple who had nowhere to stay because all local hotels were fully booked. The couple did receive a refund for the double-booked room and credit, but overall, the situation did not reflect well on Airbnb or its hosts.

Many members of the r/tifu subreddit expressed sympathy for the couple who shared their story, as they were forced to sleep in their rental car in the Walmart parking lot instead of the cozy room they had booked for their mini-vacation. While this may not be a catastrophic event, it is certainly not how anyone would want to spend their vacation.

Commenters showed a lot of sympathy toward the couple in response to the viral post.

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