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Planters Is Trying To Make #BabyNut A Thing After Mr. Peanut Is “Reborn”

The decision for Planters to kill off Mr. Peanut was suspicious from the start, and when an ad during the Super Bowl revealed the master plan behind the whole spectacle, it was…well, not what anyone expected.

A funeral for Mr. Peanut, who died heroically saving his friends during a previous commercial, showed all his pals mourning his loss.

“Mr. Peanut,” begins Wesley Snipes’ eulogy of the famous mascot. “He spent his life bringing people together. I know he’d be happy that we are all together now.”


But he was buried in dirt, and a single tear from the Kool-Aid Man and a magical lightning strike(?) brought forth something new…kind of.


Yes, that’s right. Mr. Peanut has been reincarnated or reborn as something Planters is calling #BabyNut.

This smaller version of the old gentleman nut seems to retain all the memories and mannerisms of the original Mr. Peanut, immediately asking for his monocle.

But the real point of what’s going on here is that Planters now has a mascot called Baby Nut. And literally nobody knows what to do with this info.

But the prevailing emotion seems to be something along the lines of abject horror.

And it wasn’t long before people were pointing out that we just HAD a baby penetrate mainstream culture, can there be room for two?

The only thing we know for sure is that Planters is nowhere near done trying to make #BabyNut happen.

Nobody asked for this, Planters. Nobody.

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