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Mom Goes On Viral Rant About Childless Millennials At Disney World

It’s the happiest place on earth, where kids can drink tea with Cinderella and adults can throw back shots at the Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge cantina. Disney World is for the young and old alike, but for one mom, those over 18 (particularly millennials) should stay away from Mickey Mouse — and she shared her very unfriendly opinions online.

Twitter user @JenKatWrites posted a screenshot of a Facebook post from an unknown user. In the expletive-laden screed, the mom rails against adults at Disney World, with the kind of fervor usually reserved for, well, things that are actually consequential. Apparently, the mom (whom we’ll call Angry Mom) had to wait in line to buy a pretzel, and was upset because someone had a pretzel and her son did not. 

“IT PISSES ME OFF TO NO END!!!!! when I see CHILDLESS COUPLES WITHOUT [kids] AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!” wrote Angry Mom. “DW is a FAMLY amusement park!!!! yet these IMMATURE MILLENNIALS THROW THEIR MONEY AWAY ON USELESS CRAP!!!!!…People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!!!” she wrote.

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Angry Mom goes on to explain that her son cried because the line for pretzels was too long, but she wanted to “TAKE THAT FUCKING PRETZEL” from a “C*NT” in “SLUTTY SHORTS.” 

Setting aside the misogynistic language, which is certainly bad enough, lots of folks took issue with the idea that Disneyland and Disney World are for families only. Having fun is for all ages, regardless of parental status, and there’s plenty for folks to enjoy no matter how old they are. After all, studies have shown that spending money on experiences instead of objects leads to greater happiness, and what could be more happy than the happiest place on earth?

On Twitter, people were especially confused by Angry Mom’s liberal use of all caps, and wondered if there was something else going on. Others also noted the plethora of area for grown-ups, including spots that serve booze. Clearly, adults are welcome at Mickey’s party.

Lest anyone forget: A childless couple is still a family. Sounds like somebody needs a Mickey Mouse Mojito.

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