Don’t Be Like These Morons Heading To Bars And Mocking Social Distancing (20 Posts)

Some people, including politicians who can be voted out this November, are straight-up bragging about refusing to practice social distancing on Twitter as though it makes them brave or special rather than just making them dirtbags.






Meanwhile, intelligent people who are for various reasons incredibly stressed out about the spread of the coronavirus are breaking down crying over the sight of people ignoring CDC advice to stay home. Recent estimates suggest that around one million people in the U.S. could be killed by COVID-19 before the initial outbreak has died down and we have some herd immunity to the illness.

For those of us who have elderly, immunocompromised, or generally vulnerable loved ones, or are one of those things ourselves, well, we hate every single person in those bar photos. We especially hate reading that bars this weekend were more crowded than some locals had ever seen them before.






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Lindsey Weedston

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