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A ‘Face/Off’ Remake Is Happening And People Are Sharing Their Dream Casts

Everything old is new again as the era of the remake continues on. The latest entry into the recycled canon is a Face/Off remake. The 1990s action movie reboot is stirring up a lot of buzz… and a lot of mixed reactions from fans.

Face/Off remake is happening, and fans have plenty of opinions about it.

The original 1997 action-thriller starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as two arch-enemies who switch identities and faces. Travolta plays an FBI agent named Sean Archer who is tracking a terrorist named Castor Troy, who’s played by Cage. When Castor boards a plane that crashes, Sean takes the opportunity to surgically remove Castor’s face and wear it as his own so he can go undercover as him. Then when Castor wakes up from a coma, he gets the chance to steal Sean’s face.

It’s a pretty bonkers storyline, and people on Twitter are wondering who asked for a remake of it.

Although a lot of people are wondering if a Face/Off remake is really necessary, others are having fun considering who should be cast in it.

Some people have some pretty creative ideas for casting.


Some fans think that the new Face/Off should be updated with a gender-flipped cast or with a plot that’s relevant to today’s social issues.

Other fans think the Face/Off remake should feature the same actors as the original movie… only this time in reversed roles.


And then there are the diehard Face/Off fans who think you just shouldn’t mess with perfection at all.

The Face/Off remake is being written by the screenwriter of 22 Jump Street, Oren Uziel. At least he hopefully knows a thing or two about revamping nostalgia.

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