Keanu Reeves Tried, And Failed, To Be A Regular Dude At A Comedy Show

Keanu Reeves has been a Quality Human Being pretty much his entire life, it seems. When he’s not joyfully learning to ride a horse or signing a fan’s yard sign, he’s elsewhere being a pure, wholesome guy that literally everyone loves

This week, another story of Keanu being a lovely, humble guy surfaced on Twitter, where user Helen Kim shared her experience with the Matrix star—or at least of seeing him—at a show for comedian Ali Wong in Los Angeles.

Instead of being ushered off to a private VIP section after having his admission comped, Reeves was seated with everyone else in the main audience… or at least tried to.

“Keanu Reeves was at Ali Wong’s show yesterday & tried to sit in the normal people seats until an usher and lady came to reseat him probably to a better seat bc he’s Keanu Reeves,” she wrote. “He prob could have just gotten a free VIP seat but he just went on Ticketmaster himself like a normal.”

Kim further clarifies that while she wasn’t at the show herself, her friend was and passed the story onto her. 

The tweet received more than 56.5K likes and 4.3K retweets and garnered much praise for Reeves, who is constantly outdoing himself in terms of awesomeness. One user remarked that “real friends pay to see your shows” while another declared Reeves to be “easily [her] favorite human.” 

While we don’t actually know if Reeves did indeed pay for his own ticket or if he’s friends with Wong and was put on the guest list, given his history of being the best, I’d say it’s pretty likely that he bought his ticket with his own money to show support for his fellow artists.

The fact that he also didn’t assume that he’d be seated in some special cordoned off area for ~important people~ further reiterates just how little Hollywood has affected him and what a genuinely cool dude he is.