“Larry, I’m On ‘Duck Tales’“—Hilarious Clip Of Danny Pudi Schooling Larry King Goes Viral

For being an iconic interviewer, Larry King isn’t always that great at interviews.

The journalist made a name for himself in the late ’70s and in the 1980s, thanks to his eponymous shows on Mutual Broadcasting System, followed by his longest-running stint: Larry King Live on CNN. 

But over the years, he’s had a few questions that kind of make it seem like he doesn’t live on this planet. Take for example, when he couldn’t figure out Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ hyphenated name.

But the interview that’s getting recent attention is one with Community and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet star, Danny Pudi.

Pudi is star on another notable show, but we’ll get to that later. 

The month-old interview was unearthed thanks to a TikTok trend started by @missbeifong, where people share their favorite celebrity interviews. 

One person shared now-infamous Pudi/King exchange. 

In the interview, King wants to know the luxury Pudi can’t live without. Pudi immediately says “Coffee.” King, not happy with the answer, asks again. 

This time, Pudi — an avid runner — says “Socks.”

King is still not happy and finally gives an example of what he’s looking for. A private jet.


People loved Pudi’s brutal-yet-humble honesty.

“Larry, I’m on Duck Tales” is the perfect catchphrase to close out 2020.

And of course, the memes came rolling in.

Someone even brilliantly compared it to Dakota Johnson’s takedown of Ellen DeGeneres around the same time last year.

Bless Danny Pudi forever and ever.

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