Video Of Angry Mom Yelling At Son For Saying “LMAO” In Family Group Chat Goes Viral

Have you ever pissed off your parents by using language they don’t consider appropriate? Well, one Twitter user has gone viral for the hilarious response his mother had to him using the phrase LMAO in the family group chat. With over 440k likes, the video is making the rounds and reminding people not to mess with mom

Twitter user @Rickfromtheteam accidentally typed LMAO into his family group chat, which provoked his mother to give him a stern talking to. The memoji facial expressions only add to the fire this angry mom is bringing. Check out the last death stare she gives. This woman is not messing around. 

“Listen boy, your parents are in this group chat. And what you can not do is say LMAO. Laughing my ass off? In front of me? I don’t think so. Fix it,” she says. 

Other Twitter users started sharing their greatest group-chat screw-ups as well as sympathize. 

Others began to do turn the tweet into a meme.

Some people were not impressed that a mom was censoring a grown man’s language.

I think it’s fair to say that next time he’s in a group chat, this Twitter user will take more care with his typing—or maybe he’ll say something even more extreme to catch his mom’s horrified response. 

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