19 Of The Most Utterly Savage Twitter Take Downs Of 2018

It’s difficult to say whether Twitter is good or bad.

On the one hand, it is a cesspool of vitriol and hatred, encouraging the wrong types of communication and widening the nation’s political chasm. On the other, it provides a voice for disenfranchised citizens and communities, inspiring social change and opportunity.

Then there is that middle ground of Twitter. When Internet trolls can be hideous and rude—but they receive their just punishment. When those who use their power and influence to spread false truths get put in their place. Here are 19 of those times:

1. When Chrissy Teigen asked a fan for modeling advice:

2. When this doctor disagreed with the NRA about “staying in her lane” when it comes to the topic of gun control:


4. When Michael B. Jordan forced that respeck on his name:

5. When Perez Hilton wouldn’t stop spreading Halsey pregnancy rumors, so she finally addressed them:

6. When Wendy’s had something to say about IHOP’s burger stunt:

7. When Walmart refused to be roasted:


8. When Kim Kardashian jumped to Khloe’s defense:

9. When Monica Lewinsky dropped this watershed tweet:

10. And when Hillary dropped this one: