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Wrapping Paper Hack Goes Viral Just In Time For Christmas (And In Time To Make Me Feel Dumb)

If you’re one the lame-o’s who constantly fight with your wrapping paper, you’re not alone. Showing up to a classy adult holiday party with a mangled gift that looks like a small child wrapped it isn’t exactly fun times—but this wrapping paper hack going viral on Twitter is!

You mismeasured the paper—AGAIN!— even though you were SURE you had enough paper! And damn*t, now you have to cut it again, you dope. Oh, and you can’t figure out the damn crease really is or where to fold it! 

READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Use this genius wrapping paper hack! It’s so radical and unexpected that my jaw fell to the floor when I saw it.

If you run out of paper… you simply ROTATE the gift. #MindBlown.

Think you’re alone in your awe? Nope.

It seems like there are LOTS of degenerate scrooges just like you and me out there, and they’re all expressing their surprise:

It does feel a little bit like a deception…

Obviously, though, it can’t work with everything. You still need to use a bit of brainpower to make it work, sorry.

Happy wrapping!

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