Student Gets Robbed On Camera During Zoom Class

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, it’s hard navigating the new world that is the Online Classroom. But a teacher and students in Ecuador got an incredible shock when they witnessed a theft occurring right in front of their eyes during an online lesson on Zoom. Sounds like a horror movie, honestly. Has someone already done a Zoom robbery horror film? Get on that!

The girl, whose name appears as Majo, was muted throughout the video. She turns around to face her bedroom door, likely hearing the robbers enter the house. She stands up, and that’s when the intruders come in with what appears to be one of the girl’s family members. Then, the robbers push them off-screen. 

Student gets robbed in the middle of her online class in Ecuador from r/PublicFreakout

One student says he’s going to call the police, and the professor agreed and told the rest of the students to call for help: “Quickly, call the police. Call the parents.”

According to an independent news organization in Paraguay, Noticias Nuestra Realidad, the robbers eventually took Majo’s computer.

The footage of the Zoom robbery went viral after it was posted in a subreddit called r/PublicFreakout with the caption, “Student gets robbed in the middle of her online class in Ecuador.”

MarĂ­a Paula Romo, the minister of the interior in Ecuador, went on Twitter to announce that the four men were arrested later that day: “CAPTURED The @PoliciaEcuador immediately captured those responsible for the theft of a home in Ambato. The event was recorded on video, while a student received classes online,” the tweet reads. 

Happily, the student was not hurt—and she also received her laptop back. I think she probably deserves a few days off from Zoom classes, although they may have saved her life. 

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