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Chrissy Teigen Posted A Thirst Trap Then Clapped Back At Haters Criticizing Her “Square” Body

Chrissy Teigen first rose to fame for being an incredibly sexy and beautiful model. She’s since become famous for many more things, like hosting TV shows, writing cookbooks, marrying John Legend, and being a huge favorite on Twitter. Through it all, she’s remained incredibly sexy and beautiful, though the focus on that has mostly been on the back burner. 

In quarantine, sexiness is making a comeback.

People are bored, horny, and in need of stimulation. As a kindness to her fans, Teigen shared a lil’ video thirst trap of herself posing in the mirror in a low cut bathing suit, murmuring to the camera, “I never post thirst traps, so here I am trapping you in thirst… with thirst.”

No good deed goes unpunished. While most people were appropriately grateful, there were, of course, a few trolls and haters who wanted to get their kicks by criticizing Teigen’s body. Apparently, some people were saying she was shaped like a square. She looks like she’s shaped like a human to me, but trolls have their own vision of the world.

No one deserves to have their bodies criticized, but I still must point out that Teigen has a body that has literally made her a fortune because she looks so good? And she did, too, saying that her “rectangle” body has gotten her pretty far in life.

She also pointed out that people have gotten used to curves in their celebrities that are largely surgically enhanced and have nothing to do with naturally occurring human proportions in 99 percent of the population.

Teigen has admitted to having had a boob job in the past, so I don’t think she necessarily thinks surgical enhancement is bad, only that it has warped people’s expectations of what most bodies look like. They’re much more like a rectangle than an oval with a tight belt. Whatever! All bodies are beautiful, whatever geometric shape they’re in.

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