“Landlord” Asks If She Should Kick A “Tenant” Out For Letting Friends Break Into Her House In Viral Tweet

LA-based actress Pin Young is one of many people trying to make people understand the impeachment situation my comparing it to more comprehensible situations. She’s just being more tricky about it.

Instead of reasoning with people, she fooled them by starting a Twitter thread about her “problem tenant.”

“My tenant who rents my guest house told his friends to break into my house,” she wrote. “They broke a bunch of shit but thankfully weren’t successful in occupying it, and I got out in time. His lease is up on January 20th anyway, so should I let him finish up his lease or kick him out now?”


Sound familiar? Young is presenting a situation all of America witnessed on January 6th. President Donald Trump incited his followers to storm the Capitol, leading to the destruction of property and much more seriously, the death of five people. Now, Donald Trump has become the first president to get impeached a second time, even though his term is up on January 20th.

Not everyone got it right away. They were very firmly in favor of Young kicking out her “tenant.”

The people who did get it started playing along to help Young make even more points about the situation:

She even went as far back as 2016 and the fact that Hillary Clinton could have been president instead:

And other people got their points in, too. They want to evict:

And that the police were in on it:


There were a few tenant “defenders.”

Not everyone approved of the analogy:

Young told Bored Panda that the tweet going viral really surprised her.

“I feel bad about all the people who took the time to give me advice on what to do, but I have to be honest and say that it was fun and entertaining to keep the analogy going,” she said.

“It shows that we do have kind people in the world—strangers willing to reach out and help people in need (even if they’re being stupid). We need more of that in this world. If we can treat each other with more kindness and empathy while also being able to laugh at ourselves and have a sense of humor, the world would be a much better place.”

And she added, “We have to treat our country as our own home—because it is.”

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