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Mom Gets Dragged For Teaching Son About C-Section With Play-Doh

My Dad is a doctor. And when I was a kid, I remember watching videos of him performing eye surgery. We looked through medical textbooks. It was just a normal part of life to hear about glaucoma and cataracts at the dinner table. But some families are not particularly thrilled by blow-by-blows of operations.

One doctor and mom sparked controversy on the Internet with her video of a playdough Cesarean delivery, with some people praising her for ingenuity and encouraging her son’s interest in medicine and others shocked by the graphic nature of the playdough surgery. 

Dr. Jessica So, known as @thebreakfasteur on the internet, created a playdough model of a pregnant woman’s belly and then proceeded to help her four-year-old son perform a C-section to get out a model baby (which turned out to be a little Spiderman). 

“Cesarean #playdoughsurgery pregnant woman for my kid’s 4th birthday,” reads the tag to video. Dr. So said that the birthday surgery was meant to remind the family of how their son came into the world. 

“Our little guy just had a birthday (the big 4!),” she said, “and we reminisced about the eventful, unexpected day he arrived and the flurry of amazing people involved with getting him here safely.”

Responses were mixed on social media. 

Look, kids get interested in weird things all the time. My son is two and a half, and he is always asking me to draw angry ghosts. So guess what? I draw an angry ghost. Is a play-doh C-section a little much? Maybe, but I’d like to think that parents know their children and what they will like and what will upset them.

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