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“What’s The Most Ridiculous Demand A Customer Has Made Of You?”—A Viral Twitter Thread

If you’ve ever had to work any kind of customer service job, you know that people will say and do anything to get what they want, and the things they want are absolutely ridiculous. Some folks think that because they are paying for a product or experience, they deserve the moon. The moon is definitely out of their price range.

Twitter user @isabelzatun invited her followers to the “customers suck” party, tweeting, “What’s the most ridiculous demand a customer has made of you? I’ll go first: when I was working retail, a woman once demanded I pick her up from her Botox appointment with my car & bring her to the mall to shop.”

That story gets even crazier, because Botox Lady framed this nightmare scenario as an “opportunity” that anyone would be happy to have:

This story only scratched the surface of entitlement out there. The replies are full of hilarious (and enraging) anecdotes about the worst customers ever and the things they have asked poor innocent employees to do. Scroll through and feel your blood pressure rise—and don’t be these people the next time you walk into a store.